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The search for the right condominium or townhouse can be a tedious process especially when you’re looking for FHA approved condos .  Don’t risk the disappointment of finding the one you love and then learn from your lender that does not have FHA approval.

How Do You Know If A Condo Complex Is FHA Approved?

If you’ve interested in selling your condominium or have been qualified for FHA financing and are looking to purchase a condo or townhouse it is critically important to know which complexes are on the FHA Approved Condominiums List.

A FHA mortgage is an attractive financing option than conventional loans for more and more buyers today however if they find a property that meets their needs it may not meet the guidelines and requirements for FHA loan approval.

Sellers can be negatively impacted if their unit is in a complex that does not have condominium approval from FHA. It can cause a property to sit and linger on the market for a longer period of time due to its lack of appeal to a growing pool of the new buyers who are making up a bigger share of the real estate market..

Without FHA approval only cash buyers or buyers who have the ability to qualify for financing options outside FHA will find your unit desirable and may cause a property to be sold below market value.

FHA Approved Condos List
Please bookmark this FHA Approved Condo List to stay up to date on the most current information.  It is also suggested that you verify with your mortgage lender that the condo complex you’re interested in currently qualified and meet FHA approval.
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List of FHA Approved Condos

The following condo projects in New Haven and the surrounding area currently have FHA condo approval at the time of the writing of this post and are subject to change.

Looking to buy a condo? Scroll through the approved condominium projects below to view all curre properties on the approval list. 


Applewood – Lindgren Terrace – approved until 05/17/2019


Cedar Knolls – Cedar Knolls Drive – approved until 11/9/2019                                               

Foxwood Crossing I – Hemlock Road – approved until 7/21/19

Greystone Manor – Manorwood Drive – approved until 3/21/2018

Island View Village – Baypath Way and Villlage Lane – approved until 09/11/2019

Island View Village II – Austin Ryer Lane –  approved until 12/13/2018

Jefferson Woods – Monticello  Drive – approved until 2/19/2018

Montoya – Montoya Drive – approved until 10/26/2019

The Greens – Florence Road – approved until 9/29/2018

The Meadows of Branford – Greens Farm Road – approved until 5/5/2018

Woodland Hills – Hampton Park – approved until 2/16/2019


Country Village – Fairway Drive – approved until 1/29/2018

Ives Hill – Ives Hill Court – approved until 3/6/2019


Birmingham– Derby Avenue – approved until 12/02/2018

Brookside Commons– West Court – approved until 03/03/2018

Orangewood East – Shagbark Drive – approved until 04/10/2019

Orangewood West– New Haven Avenue (Orangewood West) –  approved until 04/18/2018

East Haven 

Countryside – Redwood Avenue – approved until 9/14/2018

Eastwoods – Russo Avenue – approved until 3/22/2018

Thompson Gardens West – Thompson Street –  approved until 11/09/2019


Walden III – Granite Road – approved until 8/18/2018

West River Village – Church Steet – approved until 3/3/2019


North Lake – North Lake Drive –  approved until 4/15/2018

The Commons at Mill River – Washington Avenue – approved until 4/12/2019

The Hollows – Valley View Court and Valley View Drive – approved until 4/29/2018

The Ledges – Shepards Knoll Drive approved until 5/12/2018


Abbey Park – Abbey Lane – approved until 05/23/2019

Hidden Gables – Reservoir Avenue – approved until 05/31/2019

Mattabasset – Mattabasset Drive – approved until 3/15/2018

Mountain View – E. Main Street – approved until 05/25/2018

Quarry Farm – Quarry Lane – approved until 01/25/2018

Roselyn Gardens – North Colony Road – approved until 06/29/2018

Spring Village  – Leonard Street – approved until 04/04/2019

Sterling Village – Yale Avenue – approved until 06/29/2019

Villa East Estates – East Main Street – approved until 02/03/2018

Woodland Ridge – Woodland Court – approved until 04/25/2019


Bay Pointe Village – Melba Street – approved until 1/4/2018

Kendall Green – Kendall Green Drive – approved until 11/17/2017

Windgate – Foran Road – approved until 05/01/2019

New Haven 

Audubon Court – Audubon Street – approved until 111/08/2019

East Shore Village – Woodward Avenue – approved until 3/13/2019

Fort Hale Gardens – Woodward Avenue – approved until 1/19/2019

Raynham Hill – Raynham Hill  Drive – approved until 12/16/2018

Riveree – Quinnipiac Avenue – approved until 08/15/2019

Sherman Court – Sherman Avenue -approved until 02/08/2019

North Branford 

North Farms – Branford Road – approved until 06/07/2019

North Haven 

Georgetown Estates – Hartford Turnpike – approved until 10/11/2019

Quail Run Village – Elm Street – approved until 5/2/2019


Regency at Prospect– White Oak Drive – approved until 02/24/2019


Balance Rock– Balance Rock Road – approved until 09/07/2019

Great Oak Ridge – Great Oak Ridge Way – approved until 12/08/2018


Brentwood Village – Spice Bush Lane – approved until 07/06/2019

Columbus Commons – Fern Avenue – approved until 5/25/2019

Harvest Hill – N. Turnpike Road – approved until 3/15/2018

Hoffman Court – Hoffman Court – approved until 6/23/2019

Silversmith Commons– Bull Avenue – approved until 7/7/2019

Staffordshire Commons – Stephen Barberino Way – approved until 4/12/2018

Wild Life Village – Mallard Court – approved until 5/4/2019


Countrywood Hills– Hitchcock Road – approved until 10/27/2018

Cynthia Court – Anderson Avenue – approved until 05/11/2018

Eagles Nest –  Pierpont Road – approved until 06/30/2019

Oronoke Ridge – Oronoke Road – approved until 06/06/2018

Parkview– Park Road/Lakeside Boulevard – approved until 03/22/2019

Sunset Ridge – Grilleytown Raod – approved until 08/11/2019

Wioodhaven – Bentwood Drive and Woodglen Drive  – approved until 05/02/2019

West Haven 

Main View – Main Street – approved until 4/22/2018

Savin Park – Savin Avenue – approved until 7/20/2018


Arrowhead by the Lake – Spindle Hill Road  – approved until 05/12/2018

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 Please verify with your mortgage lender that the condo complex you’re interested in is still currently on the FHA condominium list.  

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