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Stony Creek Branford Connecticut 

Stony Creek Branford CT
Stony Creek Branford CT is a highly desirable shoreline community located about 10 minutes southeast of the Branford Town Center  down Stony Creek Road to Thimble Island Road.

The Stony Creek Village is one that is full of New England charm and ambiance.  Driving through the narrow streets into the village you’ll pass by many styles of Stony Creek homes. 

The neighboring side streets along the way include a mix of storybook Capes, Colonials, Cottages, Ranches, Multi-family and Victorian style homesStony Creek homes can range in price from the mid to upper $300’s to over $6 million.

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Many homes are a short stroll to the beach, park and the village which is at the heart of Stony Creek. Locals here enjoy swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, boating or sailing.

Residents and vacationers can shop for clothing, antiques and jewelry at the boutique shops, visit the art galleries and stop for a bite to seat at the Stony Creek Market or Creekers.  The village is also home to the Stony Creek Post Office, Willoughby Wallace Library and Stony Creek Dock.

A very popular attraction off the shores of Stony Creek CT are the Thimble Islands. The Thimble Islands are an archipelago of 100-365 islands 25 of which are currently inhabited.  During the summer months, people will wait in line for a fun-filled voyage on a Thimble Islands cruise of sightseeing and enchantment.

You’ll find the village and the surrounding Stony Creek Branford CT neighborhood a little touch of paradise.

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