There is a lot of preparation involved before placing your home on the market for sale.  One of the most overlooked elements by many homeowners is the importance of curb appeal.

What kind of impression is your home making to a potential buyer?

curb appeal ideasWhen meeting with a potential seller we discuss in depth that curb appeal includes the overall condition of the landscaping, the location of their home on the street and the overall neighborhood.

My first suggestion to is to tell them to spend a few minutes and walk across the street and take a good look at their home.

Little things like a few weeds, overgrown shrubs, peeling paint or an unkempt lawn can cause enough doubt to make a buyer go elsewhere.

Making a quality first impression is essential in what a buyer sees and feels during a drive by or viewing photos online.

Put yourself in the place of a buyer.  Do they drive through neighborhoods looking for homes? Of course they do…..

But sometimes before they even get in the car they’re doing a lot of research online first….and the pictures they look at of the exterior and landscaping can possibly make or break their decision on which homes they choose to see.

Fortunately improving the curb appeal & appearance of your home can be fixed with an open mind, a bit of money and a little time.

28 curb appeal ideas to make a qualify first impression

Outside the house

1. Pick up the kids and/or pet toys and neatly store them away

2. Roll up the hose….hang it up on a rack

3. Take the garden tools and put them in a shed, garage or basement

4.Put garbage cans in the back yard or keep then in a shed or the garage

5. Sweep the driveway and sidewalk

6.  Hide the air conditioning unit with an inexpensive lattice fence

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Easy Landscaping Ideas

7. Mow the lawn

8. Rake or use a leaf blower to remove any leaves or clippings from mowing

curb appeal ideas9. Fill in any dead spots with lawn seeds or fertilizer

10 Tend to plants and bushes…trim and clear out weeds

11. Add some colorful flowers to further enhance the curbside appeal to give your home a bright and cheerful look

12. Put a nice clean edge along any sidewalks and driveway

13.Patch any cracks in the driveway…if the cracks are too unsightly resurfacing the driveway may be necessary

House Exterior

14. Wash the windows

15. Power wash the exterior

16. Repair any loose siding or trim

17. A fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic improvement…paint the exterior including window frames, shutters, trim, gutters, downspouts, front door and mail box.  Pick more neutral shades of white, light gray or pale beige.

curb appeal ideas18. Consider touch ups to make the house look brighter if the existing paint on the outside is in good shape.

19. Make sure all windows and doors open and close properly

20. Check all the hardware on the windows and doors…replace or repair where needed

21. Replace cracked glass in windows or doors…. look for peeling paint or soft spots in the window or door frames.

22. Power wash and/or paint porches and decks

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Front Door/Entryway

Front entry door with concrete floor porch and flowers pot. 23. Make sure front steps and railings are solid

24. Pressure clean the front door, steps and railings

25. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint….if it’s damaged or looks unsightly invest in a new door….same thing applies for storm doors.

26. Fix or replace any broken light fixtures, replace burned out light bulbs and fix a broken doorbell

27. Add a brand new doormat to make your buyers feel welcome.

28. Finally don’t give a potential buyer a reason to pass by your house.  How many times have you drive past a house because you couldn’t find or see the number on the front of it or on the mail box.  Make sure the house numbers are visible!

We hope you’ll find these 28 curb appeal ideas useful.

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