What Documents Will I Need To Provide For A New Haven Short Sale?


An important component of a short sale package are the documents that your lender will require.  One of most common question many sellers ask is what documents will I need to provide for my New Haven short sale?  While the list of documents may vary from lender to lender the following is a preliminary list of documents you will need to provide.

New Haven Short Sale 1.  Two months most recent mortgage statements (all mortgages)

2.  Two months checking account statements (all borrowers if separate)

3.  Two months savings account statements (all borrowers if separate)

4.  Two months other accounts statements (all borrowers if separate)

5.  Last two paycheck stubs (all borrowers) or if you are self-employed a copy of your  most recent profit and loss statement

6.  Copies of your last two years tax returns

7.  Financial worksheet

8.  Any lender correspondence you may have received

9.  Handwritten hardship letter describing your hardship – This letter should explain as persuasively as possible the compelling reasons why it is necessary to sell your property as a short sale and must be dated and signed.

If you or someone you care about is facing financial difficulty and feeling the stress of an unaffordable mortgage please give me a call to discuss your options.  Even if you’re facing the possibility of foreclosure it’s not too late to try to sell your New Haven home as a short sale.  Call me for a confidential consultation and let’s work together to put you back on the path of financial stability. 


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