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Dress Your Greater New Haven Home For Success To Sell

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If you are considering selling your home there is a great deal of information you will need to prepare your home for sale before putting it on the market.

In today’s marketplace, your home will be in competition with other homes in your surrounding area as well.

Here are some tips that will help to give you a big advantage over your competition:

Tip #1 – Make It Attractive

Buyers today are looking at many properties and their selection is very often based on emotion so you need to make your home inviting and appealing since you may be competing with other homes that have no pets, no children, are tastefully decorated and clean as a whistle.

Tip #2 – Start with the inside

The principal #1 rule you need to understand is that there is a big difference in the way you live in your home and the way you sell your home.

Begin by going through each room and pack up at least 30% of your belongings and accessories. A buyer cannot envision themselves mentally living in your home and you want to create the perception of roominess so pack up those collectibles and any family photos y’s ou have displayed on your walls, shelves and tables. Pack up any items in the cabinets and closets that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Write with a large magic marker and label each box with its contents and stack them in the garage or basement. Remember you are going to be moving anyway, so take advantage by getting things packed away now. Rent a storage area for these items if necessary or have a yard sale.

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tableandchairsToo much furniture clutters a room so remove any extra tables, chairs and dressers that are too big and take up too much room.

Take a good look at your floors and carpet. If the carpeting and floors are in good condition give them a good cleaning. If they are older and showing signs of wear change them.

Pay special attention to carpeting that may be stained and discolored and vinyl flooring that are outdated styles or colors. Use neutral colors when replacing both the carpets and the floors.

Next check out the walls. If they’re dirty, try scrubbing them clean first. If painting is necessary use flat latex in the kitchen and semi-gloss latex in the bathrooms.

Walls with wallpaper should be clean and up to date. If the wallpaper is older and peeling, strip it off and either paint or re-wallpaper depending on the condition of the walls.

Look for cracked walls and ceilings and repair if necessary. Repair loose door knobs and make sure all ceiling fans are clean and light fixtures have new light bulbs. Correct any leaking faucets in the kitchen and baths put fresh batteries in smoke detectors.

Make your home sparkle by scrubbing clean all sinks, tubs and appliances. Clean all windows inside out as well as the curtains, drapes and blinds.

Get rid of pet and food odors. For pets, keep the litter box cleaned and add a cup of baking soda to the litter. Remove doggy smells by placing a small uncovered bowl of vinegar in the room where your dog sleeps. Of course make sure you put the bowl off the floor so the dog doesn’t drink it. Baking breads pies and cookies adds a pleasant aroma as well as scented candles or fresh flowers.

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Tip #3 – Look outside

Trim shrubs, weeds and mulch the flower beds. Add blooming flowers in the front or a hanging basket on the deck. Is there oil in the driveway? Kitty litter will remove the oil and grease stains.


Sweep the patio and deck and remove any visible rust on the gas grill. Outdoor furniture should be kept clean and/or repainted if necessary. Paint, repair or replace the mailbox if needed.

Drive up appeal is most important to give buyers a good first impression so make sure the front door gets a fresh coat of paint. Do the same with the back door and garage door. Clean, repair and paint all downspouts and gutters.

Repainting the outside of your home can be a fairly expensive venture and may not necessary unless the exterior is badly blistering or peeling. If your home does need painting, choose a neutral color. Some colors that are most appealing are white, cream and light gray. If it’s going to be painted or re-sided during the time you are going to sell, make sure buyers are aware of when it is scheduled to be completed.


Tip # 4 – The Garage and Basement

The basement and garage are the areas where everything goes that doesn’t have any other place to go. If they are messy and cluttered remove every thing right down to the floor. Sweep or hose down the floors and remove any stains. If the floors need painting, paint them porch gray and for the walls use an off-white flat latex paint.

soldsignWhen everything is cleaned and painted, pack what you can and organize and stack everything neatly. If you have a finished basement, keep it neat and clean and pack up any unused toys, books and games.

Using these tips will greatly help you to sell your home for more money. Dress Your Greater New Haven Home For Success and in less time.

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